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Information submitted via this form is encrypted for privacy. It will function with most smartphones, tablets, and computers. Use this secure contact form to ask general questions about services that we offer, request, change or cancel an appointment, transmit information such as medical documents or insurance cards, and if you are an established patient, ask brief non-urgent questions. This portal may also be used to upload photos of lesion(s) greater than 5 mm in diameter that you or your medical provider have determined require plastic surgical excision for the purpose of obtaining insurance preauthorization and providing a cost estimate. ***Each lesion requires 2 photos: 1 close-up next to a ruler and 1 faraway showing the general location. If the borders of the lesion are not easily visualized, they should be marked with a black marking pen prior to taking the photos.*** Detailed instructions for uploading photos and alternative options are provided below.

Do not use this form for emergencies, urgent questions or solicitations. If you are having an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

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Attach up to 5 files such as medical records, photos, or other documents. (*If you are sending photos please see important photo tips below). If you have more than 5 files to upload you will need to send multiple messages.
If you are a new patient to our practice, please upload a copy of your insurance card (front and back) in addition to any other photos or documents. If you are requesting an estimate for excision of a skin lesion(s) or cancer please upload two photos of each lesion (1 close and 1 from faraway). If you have undergone a biopsy, please upload a copy of the pathology report.

Please provide the last 4 digits of your social security number (or 4 digits that you are able to remember reliably). You will use these 4 digits to open any encrypted messages that we may send to you. [e.g. rps#5555 where 5555 are the 4 digits that you have provided]



Photo uploading instructions:

When to upload photos: Photos of lesions should only be uploaded if you wish to schedule surgical excision of a lesion by a plastic surgeon without a preoperative consultation. This may include biopsy-proven skin cancers or precancerous lesions, noncancerous skin lesions greater than 5 mm in diameter and subcutaneous lesions such as cysts or lipomas. Insurance does not cover excision with plastic surgery repair of noncancerous lesions less than 5 mm in diameter. Our office does not offer skin screening or skin exams and will not review photos that are uploaded for these purposes. If you have a question about whether or not a lesion should be removed or wish to consider non-surgical treatment options, you should schedule an appointment with your primary care physician or a dermatologist. We do not offer any non-operative treatment of skin lesions (laser, liquid nitrogen, topical medications, etc.), only surgical treatment. We also do not offer MOHS surgery.

Please be aware that even if you successfully upload your photos, in some cases Dr. Fremling may determine that an in-person consultation is needed prior to scheduling surgery regardless.

Please also be aware that uploading photos or medical information does not create a doctor-patient relationship. While this portal allows Dr. Fremling to review your medical information in order to provide you with a cost-estimate for the services being requested, obtain insurance authorization and schedule procedures thereby avoiding an office consultation, it does not provide sufficient information to determine if the requested services are medically indicated or necessary. This determination and the establishment of a doctor-patient relationship will only be made if and when you come to the office for treatment or consultation. By using this form, you agree to hold Dr. Fremling and Restoration Plastic Surgery, P.C. harmless and free from any liability unless and until such time as you are evaluated and treated in our office in person.

Photo tips: Each lesion should have a minimum of two well-lit photos: one from a sufficient distance that the location can be determined (e.g. a full-face photo for a lesion on the cheek or a full hand photo for a lesion on a knuckle) and a close-up photo with a ruler next to the lesion to determine size (metric is preferred but not required). If the lesion is not visible such as a flesh-colored lesion or a cyst or lipoma below the surface of the skin, a marking pen should be used to outline the borders of the lesion before taking the photographs. When in doubt, it is better to outline the lesion.


Technical details/troubleshooting: If you are using a smartphone or tablet, please make the following adjustments prior to uploading photos:

  1. Establish a wifi connection (3G and 4G Broadband connections are usually insufficient for uploading encrypted photographic data).
  2. If you are going to upload photos, go into your camera menu and if possible, reduce the resolution of your camera (preferably to 5 mp or less depending upon the speed of your wifi connection). If you are unable to adjust your resolution, you may be able to use the selfie camera on your device instead as this typically has a lower resolution.
  3. If after clicking “Send Encrypted Email” you are not taken to a page stating “Your information was sent successfully,” your message has not been sent. Please enable javascript and/or reduce the resolution of any images (or number of images) you are sending and try again or use a different device. Unfortunately, this program does not work with every device and we cannot provide any technical assistance beyond the instructions provided here. If you are unable to upload data using this form, please refer to the alternative options listed below.

Alternative options for Uploading Documents and Photos:
Although this program works with most smartphones, tablets, and computers, there may be technical reasons why it might not work with your device that requires technical know-how that we are unable to provide. If this is the case, you may consider the following options:

  1. If the program does not open the camera on your smartphone or tablet you may take photos of lesions/insurance cards using the camera on your device first and then open this page on your browser and use the form to select and upload the photos/files stored on your device that you wish to send.
  2. Use another device. You may use the smartphone or tablet of a trusted friend or family member or if you have access to a computer and can upload files and photos to your computer, you can open this page on your computer and upload the files from there. If you use someone else’s device, make sure to delete any photos that may have been stored on their device during the uploading process.
  3. Schedule an office visit – no smartphone or computer required. Call 303-466-3261 to schedule an appointment. During this visit Dr. Fremling will evaluate the lesion(s), discuss treatment options and schedule surgery for a different date of service. Surgery will not be performed on the same day as a consultation. Normal office charges apply.
  4. Mail or hand-deliver hard copies of photos and/or documents during normal business hours. You do not need to schedule a visit to drop off paperwork and there are no charges for dropping off or mailing paperwork.
  5. Use standard email to send information to appointments@restorationplasticsurgery.com. Presently, the government does not recommend sending private health information via standard email as it may be intercepted by a 3rd party. However, this does not mean that you are not allowed to send personal information via standard email if this is your preference. You may also instruct us to communicate with you by standard email as well. However, if you choose this method, Restoration Plastic Surgery, P.C. is not liable for the loss of any of your private information to 3rd parties during transmission.
  6. Establish an encrypted portal with our office. To do this, contact our office, provide your email address and ask for a hushmail password (usually rps# followed by the last 4 digits of your social security number). We will email a link and a password. When you open the link, you will establish a passphrase for future communications through Hushmail. Once you have opened the link you can reply via Hushmail much as you would with a standard email however this link will encrypt any information you send to us protecting your privacy.
  7. Fax paperwork. This works fine for documents and insurance cards and is HIPAA-compliant but does not work adequately for photos. Our fax number is 303-466-3674.