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Currently imiquimod (Aldara) is only FDA approved for superficial basal skin cancers less than 2 cm in diameter and not on the hands or face. The efficacy of imiquimod for treating these small thin skin cancers is 75-80 %. Imiquimod is not FDA approved for treatment of nodular, sclerosing, or other types of basal cell skin cancers or for the treatment of basal cell skin cancer on the face, hands, or feet.

The National Cancer Institute states: “Superficial basal cell carcinoma is usually treated by surgical removal. Imiquimod should be used for treatment of sBCC only when surgery is medically less appropriate, because the chances of effectively treating sBCC are generally greater with surgery. Patients treated with imiquimod for sBCC should have regular follow-up visits after treatment to make sure the skin cancer is completely treated.”