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Basal Cell Skin Cancer

Basal Cell Skin Cancer is the most common type of skin cancer. Although it has almost no risk of metastasizing to the rest of the body, as a cancer, there is no limit to its ability to cause local destruction of tissues. Left untreated, basal cell skin cancer will slowly eat away all the surrounding tissues including skin, fat, muscle, cartilage and even bone. Small superficial Basal Cell Skin Cancers can be successfully treated with cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen), topical application of Aldura, shave excision, and electrodessication and curettage. For larger, thicker basal cell skin cancers, these less invasive treatment options become less effective and surgical excision and reconstruction becomes a far more effective method of management. Dr. Fremling has been utilizing his expertise as a board-certified plastic surgeon to provide surgical excision and plastic surgery reconstruction of basal cell skin cancers for over 20 years. He does not routinely offer less invasive treatment options such as cryotherapy, Aldura, or shave excision and for small superficial basal cell skin cancers these less invasive options may be obtained through primary care physicians and dermatologists. Dr. Fremling also does not perform MOHS surgery for basal cell skin cancer. Instead, for difficult cases he works directly with a pathologist utilizing frozen section technique to confirm clear margins of resection prior to reconstruction. Dr. Fremling has partnered with the pathologists at Prime Pathology since 2008 to provide frozen section guidance to successfully treat select difficult cases of basal cell skin cancer.