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Lipomas are benign fatty tumors which typically present as compressible masses below the surface of the skin. Some patients develop only a single lipoma while others with a genetic predisposition may develop multiple lipomas. Malignant transformation is very rare and the decision for treatment is generally based upon appearance and discomfort. Many insurances will only cover the surgical treatment of lipoma if patients indicate that the lipoma is causing them pain. Some insurances also limit the total number of lipomas that can be removed on a single date of service. Treatment typically consists of surgical excision. Excision can usually be performed in the office under local anesthesia to keep costs down. Treatment of very large lipomas may require a trip to the surgery center or hospital. While treatment with liposuction may be theoretically attractive because of the smaller incisions, liposuction is generally associated with an unacceptably high recurrence rate and difficult second attempts at excision and is generally frowned upon. Dr. Fremling has been providing the surgical treatment of lipomas for over 25 years.

Surgical excision of lipomas can frequently be accomplished in a single visit. Photos can be sent to the office from your cell phone using the “Contact Us” tab on this site eliminating the need for an office consultation prior to surgery and closure is typically performed using absorbable buried sutures and skin glue thereby avoiding the need for a return visit for suture removal following surgery. Plastic surgical techniques are utilized to minimize scarring. Because lipomas are difficult to see on a photograph, a marking pen should be used to outline the border of the lipoma prior to taking the photo.