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Seborrheic Keratoses

Seborrheic Keratoses are benign lesions of the skin. They are raised rough lesions that have a “stuck-on” appearance. In fact, these lesions are so superficial that they do sometimes fall off, only to reform at a later date. Often times these lesions are multiple and patients may present with numerous lesions primarily on sun-exposed surfaces of the skin. As these lesions are not cancerous, treatment is not required. If treatment is desired, the first line treatment is cryotherapy. Because of the thickness of these lesions, multiple treatments may be necessary for successful eradication. We do not offer non-surgical treatment of lesions. Cryotherapy treatment for seborrheic keratoses may be obtained from your primary care physician or dermatologist. If cryotherapy fails or if your primary care physician or dermatologist deem the lesion to be too thick for successful treatment with cryotherapy you may be referred to our office for surgical excision.

Surgical excision of seborrheic keratoses can frequently be accomplished in a single visit. Photos can be sent to the office from your cell phone using the “Contact Us” tab on this site eliminating the need for an office consultation prior to surgery and closure is typically performed using absorbable buried sutures and skin glue thereby avoiding the need for a return visit for suture removal following surgery. Plastic surgical techniques are utilized to minimize scarring.