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Services we offer

Please note, this office provides highly specialized care limited to the surgical excision of skin lesions and hand surgery. Although Dr. Fremling is fully board-certified in both hand surgery and plastic surgery, it would be difficult if not impossible for a single surgeon to maintain excellence in the entire field of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery. For this reason, Dr. Fremling has limited the scope of his practice. Our office provides extremely focused specialty care limited to the following conditions:

  1. Any skin lesion greater than 5 mm in diameter requiring surgical excision*
  2. Skin cancer of any size diagnosed by previous biopsy
  3. Growths just below the skin (cysts, lipomas, etc.) requiring surgical excision
  4. Any hand condition except amputation and congenital hand deformities
    (Please note that we do not offer routine skin screening services. We only provide surgical treatment for skin lesions and skin cancers. Skin exam/skin screening services may be scheduled with your primary care physician or a dermatologist)

Although Dr. Fremling is qualified to provide treatment for the following conditions, we do NOT offer treatment of these conditions at this time:

  1. Skin lesions or skin conditions not requiring surgical excision (please see your primary care physician or dermatologist if you are seeking non-operative treatment of a skin lesion)
  2. Breast surgery (reconstruction, augmentation, reduction)
  3. Chronic wound care
  4. Facial fractures
  5. Parotid tumors
  6. Cosmetic surgery

Additionally, we do NOT offer MOHS surgery. Although we do offer reconstruction for patients undergoing MOHS surgery. If you wish to have MOHS surgery you should schedule an appointment with a MOHS surgeon.

*(Insurance does not cover plastic surgery treatment of non-malignant lesions less than 5 mm (1/4 inch) in diameter. Please see your primary care physician or a dermatologist if you are seeking treatment for a benign lesion less than 5 mm in diameter unless you are willing to pay for the procedure without using insurance).