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Sebaceous Cysts and Other Cysts

Sebaceous Cysts are firm cysts arising from sebaceous glands of the skin. Follicular cysts, epidermal inclusion cysts, pilar cysts and a variety of other skin cysts are also derived from various adnexal structures of the skin and exhibit similar biologic behavior. These cysts typically present as firm, non-compressible nodules adherent to the overlying skin. Although they are benign, if left untreated these cysts can grow to a very large size and eventually rupture or become infected. Occasionally smaller cysts (less than 5 mm) will respond to steroid injections and/or incision and evacuation of the contents. For larger cysts, the most effective treatment is complete surgical excision. Usually this can be performed in the office under local anesthesia. If the cyst becomes infected, emergency incision and drainage followed by open wound management and antibiotics may be necessary with surgical excision performed at a later date once the infection is resolved. Dr. Fremling has been providing the surgical treatment of sebaceous cysts for over 25 years.

Surgical excision of cysts of the skin can frequently be accomplished in a single visit. Photos can be sent to the office from your cell phone using the “Contact Us” tab on this site eliminating the need for an office consultation prior to surgery and closure is typically performed using absorbable buried sutures and skin glue thereby avoiding the need for a return visit for suture removal following surgery. Plastic surgical techniques are utilized to minimize scarring. Because cysts are difficult to see on a photograph, a marking pen should be used to outline the border of the cyst prior to taking the photo.